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Diamond Security Mesh

Diamond Security Mesh , woven from steel wire, is probably the most widely used & versatile of all fencing fabrics available in a variety of wire gauges & mesh sizes to suit specific applications. All rolls come complete with line wires and with knuckled edges.

Diamond Security Mesh



♦   Diamond Security Mesh Material: 

low carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire,pvc wire,etc


♦  Diamond Security Mesh Weaving And Characteristics:


 1 Galvanizing after welding,galvanizing before welding

2 The weaving is simple,artistic and practical

3 Chain link fences are easy to work,bright colour,easy to maintain

4 Chain link netting are the first choose for beautifying the city environment


♦   Diamond Security Mesh Application: 

1 Commercial grounds(corporation,hotel,supermarket);

2 Private grounds(courtyard,villadom);

3 Public grounds(park,zoo,train or bus station,lawn);

4 Road and transit(highway,railway or road city transit);

5 Used as fencing,decoration or protection for various facilities in industry,agriculture,infastructure,transport.


Diamond Security Mesh





♦ Installing Diamond Security Mesh :

The first step is to dig the post holes and set them with concrete. The fittings and top rails are then added, followed by the fencing roll. Excess fence can be cut off using pliers. If installing a chain link gate, it should be fixed after the fence.


♦  Diamond Security Mesh Accessories:

Diamond Security Mesh


♦   Diamond Security Mesh Specification:



PVC Coated Fence 11Gauge (2.0/3.0mm) 9 Gauge (2.7/3.7mm) 8 1/2Gauge(3.0/4.0mm)
MESH SIZE 1 1/4" 2" 2"(50mm), 2 3/8"(60mm)
COATING THICKNESS 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
HEIGHTS 36"-157"(0.9m-4m)
SELVAGE Knuckle & Knuckle; Barbed & Barbed; Knuckle & Barbed(Wire Diameter≤2.5mm)
STANDARD ROLL 50ft(15m) per roll
COLORS Green, Black, White, Grey, and etc..


♦  Diamond Security Mesh With Razor&Barbed Wire:


Diamond Security Mesh

♦  Diamond Security Mesh  Process And Package:


Diamond Security Mesh


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