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>>The EU trade deficit with China reduce
Fall in Global trade

    Newspaper reporter ZhaoJianying Geneva: The World Trade Organization (WTO) in its headquarters in Geneva issued a "World Trade Report 2009." The report predicts that the total global trade this year will be down 10% over the past 65 years, the largest decline in world trade will also be the first time since 1982 a negative growth of world trade there. However, the WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy • pointed out that there are multiple signs that the decline in the volume of world trade is slowing, the Asian countries and regions, will lead the recovery in global trade this year, which has begun to show signs.

    The report issued by the WTO pointed out that in 2008 exports of world merchandise trade grew by 15% to 15.78 trillion U.S. dollars, grown up 2% indeed, significantly lower than that in 2007 the growth rate of 6 percent. In fact, starting from the second half of last year, as a result of the international financial crisis and international trade financing in the amount of shrinkage, together with members of the WTO in general significantly weaker domestic demand, almost all of the various trade bodies reluctant are not willing to continue to import, which resulting in global significant decline in trade. Nevertheless, the majority of developing members of WTO export volume is still accounted for 38% of the global total, setting a new record in history. The report notes that in Germany in 2008 to 1.47 trillion U.S. dollars of the year total exports have continued to maintain its top global list of a single country's total exports in the first position, followed by China, to 1.43 trillion U.S. dollars the total amount of the second highest in the world .

Report on emerging economies in some Asian countries and regions, especially China, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries look forward to the full import and export trade. First of all, China, Vietnam and Singapore in February this year than the total imports in January increased by 17%, respectively, 32% and 1%.

    This shows that the decline in these countries the situation of trade from the beginning of this year slowed down significantly. Secondly, the report is expected to decline this year, the exports of developing countries only 2% -3%, and the United Nations Conference on the possibility of decline in the previous forecast of 9.2% compared to the WTO data show that developing countries, especially the Asian Development in countries and regions, prospects for trade growth and that Asian countries and regions in global trade this year will lead the recovery process.

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