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How to prevent the alligator

How to prevent the alligator


According to the report on NOV. 20th, a few days ago, in Florida, an alligator unexpctedly climbed up to the chain link fence in order to enter a sewage treatment plant. The fence height is 1.8 meters. Finally, the alligator failed.

Animal experts saied, alligator and most repiles have strong claws. So, climbing a wire netting fence is not a big deal to them. But why it failed finally? The reason may be this kind of fence is difficult to them. Chain link fence have good defensive ability even the enemy can climb.

Chain link fence mesh is diamond hole wire mesh woven by low carbon steel wire. It is used as fences for playground and gardens, highway, railway, airport, port, resident, etc. Also can be used for breeding oof animals and dfend danger animals.

For over decades, chain link fencing has been one of the most popular fencing solutions available and is the leading way to create a safe and protected perimeter environment.

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