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Standard specification for chain-link fence --A817

Standard specification for chain-link fence --A817-03


A817-03 is the standard specification for the chain-link fence, it covers metallic-coated carbon steel wire used in the manufacture of chain-link fence fabric and marcelled tension for the coating, it have three types :Aluminum-coated (aluminized),Zinc-coated (galvanized), and Zinc-5 % Aluminum-Mischmetal (Zn-5AlMM) alloy-coated.different type have different specifications,such as type one related to A 491 and type two A 392,type three F 1345 .but A392 don’t suit for the woven before galvanized . The steel should have the progress of open-hearth, electric-furnace, or basic oxygen and the wire must be cold-drawn, then metallic-coated,the wire shall be Aluminum-Coated ,zinc- coated or Zn-5Al-MM Alloy Coated,different types and different diameter have different weight of coating and breaking strength, this will have two tables and you can find it in our is worth noting that Size 177 inch. is only used for tension wire, not chain-link fabric and the packaging ,marking and loading should be by agreement between the producer and the purchaser.Unless otherwise specified, the packaging, marking and loading shall be in accordance with Practices A 700.

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