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Chain Link Fence:
>>Chain link fence for Road Fence
>>Chain link fence for Commercial
>>Chain link fence for Residential
>>Chain link fence for Storehouse
>>Chain link fence for hillside
>>Security fencing for zoo
>>Chain link fence for Sport Yard
>>Chain link fence for Cantilever Gates
>>Chain link fence for Security
>>How to Install a Chain Link Fence Manual
>>Chain Link Fence Specifications
Welded mesh fence :
>>General Welded Fence
>>Curvy welded fence
>>Euro fence
>>Double loop decorative fence
>>Ornamental fence
>>Temporary Fence
>>High security fence
Fence related:
>>diamond fence
>>pvc coated wire fence
>>galvanized chain link fence and pvc coated
>>How to Install Rolled Welded Wire Fencing
pvc coated wire fencing

PVC coated wire fencing description

PVC coated wire fencing

PVC coated wire mesh fence is welded from cold or hot galvanized wire, and then bending, spray, or PVC coating to get corroion, resistant, beautiful, and dffectively play a protective and so on. Form of corrosion resistance include electric galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, PVC spraying and PVC coated. Topped with razor wire or barbed wire can enhance protection 

PVC coated wire mesh fencing top with Razor wire 

PVC coated wire mesh fencing top with Razor wire


Wire guage 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm
Post type Roud post (48m, 50mm, 60mm)

Peach post (70*100mm)

Square post (60*60mm, 70*70mm, 80*80mm)

Rectangular post (40*80mm)

Circular post (48mm)

Popular panel size

1.2m*2m, 1.2m*2.5m,1.2m*3m

1.6m*2m, 1.6m*2.5m,1.6m*3m

1.8m*2m, 1.8m*2.5m, 1.8m*3m

2 m  *2m,  2 m *2.5m   2 m *3m

Aperture    50mm*140mm, 50mm*200mm,75mm*75mm,  75mm*250mm or at customer requirement
Post spacing   3.5m, 3m or less
Height   0.5m-4m  
Horizontal wire  3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm
Vertical wire  4.0mm
 Color  green, yellow, blue
 Certification  ISO, SGS, BV



 · Airports 

 · Commercial sites 

 · Factories and warehouses 

 · Hospitals 

 · Military sites 

 · Parking places 

 · Penitentiaries 

 · Ports 

 · Railway stations 

 · Railways 

 · Sports stadiums 

 PVC coated wire fencing


 *  Unlimited uses, cuts to any size, mold it to fit contours and shapes. 

 *  Easy to install access control - uses common hardware. 

*  Effective and humane - safe to use anywhere. 

*  The Galvanized wire mesh is an economical barrier.
*  The Stainless wire mesh can last a lifetime and looks great.

*  Great for openings in attics, crawls paces, eaves, etc.
* Stop animals and birds from getting through vents, chimneys, pipes, etc.
*  Close off structural openings to keep out refuse and thrown objects.
*  Square mesh blends in with all types of architecture.  

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